Thomas Ouellet Fredericks Artist / Programmer / Teacher



Miniature Modular Analog Synthesizer


Perte de signal, Montreal

The Op-Synth is an open source modular micro analog synthesizer designed to facilitate the understanding of electronics, audio synthesis, audio theory, and filtering.

The Op-Synth is a 100% analog kit that needs to be assembled. It is easy to build and is an excellent introduction to electronics. It introduces to the basic principles of sound synthesis through a modular patch bay just like a modular analog synthesizer. It is also equipped with a LED than can help to visualize the evolution of the sound signal and serves as a basic introduction to synesthesia.

In addition to generating an audio signal, the Op-Synth has an audio input that allows musicians to manipulate the sound that comes from their cell phone, music player or electric guitar. Many Op-Synths can also be chained to each other to create more complex sonic textures. Moreover, this little (3"x3") synthesizer is inexpensive (between 15$ and 25 $CAN).

All the circuitry is build as independent modules that are simple to isolate, understand and hack.

Here are the technical specs :

Here are the inputs and outputs of the patch bay :


Le Op-Synth est un micro synthétiseur analogique modulaire conçu pour faciliter la compréhension de la création audio à partir d'un signal électrique et son filtrage. Développer par les artistes du Centre, le projet souhaite faciliter l’appropriation technique de l’électronique et technologie de la création sonore. À travers la distribution de kit de fabrication dans le réseau académique, d’ateliers de formation et de médiation, le projet souhaite amener les différents publics visés (scolaires, artistiques et grand publics) à explorer les principes de l’électroniques et de la synthèse modulaire et à fabriquer un premier synthétiseur.


Op-Synth Op-Synth Op-Synth