Thomas Ouellet Fredericks Artist / Programmer / Teacher




ISEA (Hong Kong)

The workshop ConcreteCITY was given at ISEA 2016 Hong Kong with the Instertio lab. It is an interdisciplinary workshop, aims to gather academics and practitioners interested in ubiquitous computing, urban interventions, audio and device art, computational and contextual art. ConcreteCITY is a sort of m usique concrete, a wireless network of microcontrollers which activate a mesh network superimposed on existing city infrastructures. The s ystem for this workshop and collective intervention will be developed specifically to be “embedded” in public space, a sort of electronic plankton living on existing infrastructures, or an ephemeral audio graffiti intervention. The interaction between these elements, consisting of nodes and relations, are remotely controlled live for a predetermined time in a public space as well as activated interactively through the passers­by with sensors according to the context. The signal multiplexing device and the use of wireless nodes for communication will be set according to the sites specificities. Access to switches through sensors will be determined on site and by the participants. The individual control of each electric device will then be possible from a central computer located in the area and controlled in real time by the participants.

ConcreteCITY ConcreteCITY ConcreteCITY ConcreteCITY ConcreteCITY